Frequently Asked Questions

What is Organogel PLus?
Organogel PLus is pluronic lecithin organogel, often abbreviated as PLO gel. It is a liposomal base that is used as a vehicle for preparing a wide range of topical formulations. Organogel PLus Pre-Mixed Cream and Organogel PLus Kits do not contain active ingredients; medications are added by a pharmacist as prescribed by a physician. The medications most commonly used in Organogel PLus are the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but many different medications and combinations of medications are now being prescribed. Refer to the compounding instructions for a listing of drugs and drug combinations used in Organogel PLus.
What is the difference between Organogel PLus Pre-Mixed Cream and the Organogel PLus Kit?

Pre Mixed              Compounding Kit
The final product is the same regardless of whether you choose Organogel PLus Pre-Mixed Cream or the Organogel PLus Kit. Organogel PLus Kits contain lipophilic and hydrophilic components in separate bottles. When the two Compounds are mixed together, PLO cream is formed and liposomes are generated. Organogel PLus pre-mixed cream is a convenient ready-to-use PLO base. The choice of which one to use is a matter of preference. Most pharmacists are switching to pre-mixed cream because of convenience and time-savings.
Do I need to use a wetting agent when compounding medications in Organogel PLus?
Yes, drug powders need to be mixed with wetting agent to create a paste or solution prior to incorporating them into Organogel PLus. This is necessary to allow the drug to properly dissolve and to be incorporated into the liposomes.
Can more than one drug be included in a single preparation?
Yes, a wide range of drug combinations have been used in Organogel PLus. For a listing of combinations tested by Maxima, see compounding instructions.
Is there a preferred NSAID for topical compounding?
Ketoprofen is the NSAID of choice for topical compounding because of solubility characteristics and compatibility with other medications. Alternate NSAIDS can be used, such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, and naproxen, but maximum drug concentrations will be lower and formulations may be less stable.
What should patients do if separation or liquefaction occurs?
With certain medications or combinations of medications, particularly at high total drug concentrations, the compounded cream can liquefy or separate after a period of time. The same thing can happen if the formulation is cooled. The prescription can be restored to its original consistency by re-mixing.
How much Organogel PLus does a patient apply?
For most applications, a small amount of cream is applied to the affected areas four times per day. A physician may give alternate instructions.
At the Pharmacy: Organogel PLus Pre-Mixed Cream should be stored at room temperature. For Organogel PLus kits, the lipophilic (Compound A) component is stored at room temperature. The hydrophilic (Compound B) component must be put into the refrigerator prior to mixing to allow it to liquefy. Many pharmacists refrigerate the B component until it is required for preparing cream.

Organogel PLus that has been compounded with medication should be stored at room temperature.

Patients: should store their prescriptions at room temperature.
What is the shelf-life of Organogel PLus?
The shelf life for all unopened Organogel PLus products is 5 years from the date of manufacture.

The Beyond-Use Date (BUD) for a compounded prescription is the lesser of the expiry date of the incorporated drug or the BUD for the compounded medication (See BUD List), as long as this is within the 5-year shelf life of the Diffusimax Pre-Mixed Cream or the Organogel PLus Kit.
Does Organogel PLus have a Drug Identification Number (DIN)?
Organogel PLus does not have a Drug Identification Number. Some provincial government insurance plans list Organogel PLus as a covered product. In other provinces, government insurance plans will cover the cost of Organogel PLus if the drug compounded into it is listed on the provincial formulary. For reimbursement by private insurers, contact the insurer to determine eligibility.
Where can I buy Organogel PLus?
Organogel PLus is only available by contacting Maxima Pharmaceuticals. See ordering information .